Rice Digital Gym

A Scalable Health Labs Project

cropped-DGLogo-1hmzc1g.pngRice Digital Gym project is turning Rice gym into a massive health sensor. The Digital Gym will serve as a foundation to measure how exercise impacts the wellness and health of a whole community, in this case, the Rice community. To convert the gym into a massive sensor, we are developing mountables. Mountables can be mounted on any gym equipment or gym space and will convert  “analog” equipment/spaces to “networked digital” gym equipment/spaces, to capture various exercise activities in the gym. Combined with a zero-interaction smartphone app where the users opt-in, the end result is that we can capture a whole slew of exercise behavior without any wearable. Our opt-in procedure ensures complete privacy of gym users who do not want their exercise behaviors measured. 

Our overall driving goal is to improve fitness for all members of Rice community. Using the digital gym data layer, we envision developing unique programs to engage the community in improving their fitness, which could potentially have a large impact on the health of the whole Rice campus community.

The project is part of Rice Scalable Labs, and is partially funded by the Georgia Tech VIP Program.ashu

Quick Facts:

  1. Who is part of the team? The faculty lead is Ashu Sabharwal, and the current student team members are listed on the Team page.
  2. I am an ELEC/CS major, and interested in joining the team. What should I do? We are always looking for new members, so please send your resume to Prof. Ashu Sabharwal (ashu@rice.edu ).
  3. What stage is the project in? We have deployed five operational cycling machines with mountables in the Rice Gym, and we are currently recording data. We are working on developing mountables for other machines in the cardio room.
  4. What kind of skills do I need to join the project? The lab philosophy is to help you develop new skills and a research mindset. So all we need is basic ELEC/CS coursework and a strong dedication to self-learn. So if you are willing to commit regular time, then you are welcome. This is a team project, so our collective success relies on everyone doing their part.