Rice Digital Gym

A Scalable Health Labs Project




Faculty Members


Prof. Ashu Sabharwal

Undergraduate Students


Titus Deng

Titus is a Sophomore at Baker studying Electrical Engineering, and is on the Data Acquisition Team for Digital Gym. When he isn’t busy doing problem sets and reviewing for ELEC 241 or Linear Algebra, he can be found hidden in his room watching Netflix by himself (current show: Narcos) or in the Baker Commons trying to play the piano. His other hobbies include Civilization 5, Chess, and Swimming.

Carl Henderson

Carl Henderson

Carl Henderson is currently a Sophomore in Electrical Engineering at Rice. His main interests involve Data Science, Internet of Things, and App Development. His role on the team so far has been developing the app for the project.

Graduate Student Mentors


Mayank Kumar


Ewa Nowara